Learn More about Our Dental Office

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Greg Phillips can provide you and your family with the highest quality of dental care with advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. By maintaining his education and staying abreast of methods and materials, he continually increases his knowledge and skills.

Our practice is committed to excellence, delivering the highest standard of dental care, and helping you feel comfortable when you’re in our office. We strive to develop and maintain great relationships with our patients. We think of you as our friends, and we want you to be comfortable here! We are continually striving to reward our loyal patients (as well as the new patients. 

Your Partner in Dental Care

Our goal is for you to enjoy improved dental health and enhanced appearance with lasting results. That’s why we emphasize education to our patients and the community. An educated patient is a healthier one.


We are located on River Road next door to Chateau St. James Healthcare Center (Nursing Home). We offer flexible appointments to accommodate your busy schedule.

For your convenience, we have included our new patient paperwork for you online. Just download, print and fill them out to have ready at your first visit! It’s that easy!

We are our word and we pledge:

  • To provide the highest quality dentistry to our patients in a caring atmosphere
  • To provide an education to our patients and the public that will allow them to assume responsibility for their dental well-being
  • To support our patients in achieving optimal dental health
  • To share the knowledge and skills we develop with our peers, in an effort to improve health services across the country


A complete range of dental services is offered including preventative emphasis in oral hygiene care, periodontal (gum disease) therapy, children’s dentistry, Treatment of TMJ dysfunctional (headaches), all types of tooth replacement, oral surgery including wisdom teeth, orthodontics for children and adults.


We work with modern, safe medicines that allow you to be so relaxed that all of your dental work can be completed in one visit in many cases and you won’t remember a thing.


Our commitment to excellence is shown by the use of modern equipment coupled with skilled loving care.

  • Intraoral Camera : Allows you to “see” what type of treatment is needed.
  • Laser Assisted Periodontal Programs- With soft tissue lasers we can provide decontamination of the pocket to such an extent that the body can actually quit fighting itself and begin to rebuild. Together with root debridement procedures, the laser is giving us results to feel good about.
  • Computerized Charts : We are paperless and have been digital for years now making the patient education process simple and visual.


Our office works with all insurance companies, with insurance claims filed electronically for faster service. We also accept all major credit cards and offer financing through CareCredit and Advantage Financial Services(for LA residents only). We also offer 90 day in house payment plans as well as an in house discount plan that is often more beneficial than dental insurance. Please call our office today to discuss joining our in house Discount Plan.