Success Stories

Glowing reviews of our practice from actual patients:

“ I didn’t feel any pain and I would recommend him to everybody who needs dental work.”
– Perry Suggs, Sr.

“I am very pleased with the work I have had done by Dr. Phillips. The (staff) are so friendly and they make you feel right at home. I would recommend Dr. Phillips to any of my friends or family.”
– Earline Sorapuru

“My experience with Dr. Phillips’ office was one of a kind. He made me feel so relaxed that I didn’t realize both my teeth were out! Also, the staff was just fantastic. From now on, this will be my family’s dentist. Until now, I never thought dentists like him existed!”
– Maria Populis

“I was always afraid of the dentist until now.  Dr. Phillips and his staff make me feel so comfortable. Like part of their own family. I love it here! I would refer all of my friends and family here!”
– Brian Rodrigue

“My past experiences at dental offices have always been negative. The staff and Dr. Phillips made me feel comfortable. They never judged or criticized or told me what I should have done. Instead, they made me feel better about myself, and helped me make a decision that I would be happy with. I now have a beautiful smile and enjoy my dental visits!”
– Dawn M. Wilbur

“Everyone at Dr. Phillips’ office was very nice. They made sure I was comfortable, relaxed, and didn’t feel anything. Someone was even there to hold my hand when I needed them to. I would recommend him to anyone, especially if you’re nervous to go to the dentist, like I am.” – Marcy Grice

“I think the staff did a GREAT job on my dental work. They make the dentist seem cool. They try to master their craft to perfection. They also do their best at making patients comfortable. All in all, they rock!”
– Myran Charles

“My visit today was very pleasant. The staff was very friendly, as they always are. Also very informative and accommodating.”
– Bridget Belak

“Great to have ‘modern dentistry.’ Dr. Phillips and his staff are professional and caring. It’s nice to have people that will sit down with you and explain what is being done, and to be patient and understanding. I highly recommend them.”
– Donald Laiche

“I found the staff enjoyable, Dr. Phillips knowledgeable, and the overall experience very satisfactory.”
Brent Arnold

“My experience in Dr. Phillips’ office is always pleasant. Everyone is so polite. My daughter and I love coming here — they get right to what they have to do. I will continue to come to this office and let other people know about the beautiful experiences I have.”
– Angela Emeryl

“When I came to get my tooth removed, I was scared at first. But once they took me in the room, everyone was really nice and they really care about how you are feeling. They try to make you as comfortable as possible, which I was. I must say, I enjoyed my experience.”
– Tharisma Jackson

“I was surprised it could make this procedure so pleasant. I don’t even remember sitting down in the chair! I don’t see any reason to go through a procedure without it.” 

“This was truly amazing. It took all the edge off. I had no discomfort and no recollection of any part of the procedure. Even though I’m not really fearful of dental visits, any anxious feelings I had became non-existent.”

“I used to be so petrified. Now I cannot wait to go to the dentist!”
- BD