Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums with Our Range of General Dentistry Treatments

Root Canal Therapy

When dental decay reaches the inner chambers of a tooth, Dr. Greg Phillips can perform root canal therapy to preserve the health of your tooth and prevent the need for extraction. During this procedure, he will remove infected tissue before cleaning the area and filling in the resulting space with a rubber substance To complete this procedure, Dr. Phillips will seal your tooth with a filling material, and we can place a dental crown to restore the tooth's structure and appearance.

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Periodontal Care

Periodontal (gum) care is an important part of maintaining optimal oral health. When bacteria collects beneath your gums, it can lead to periodontal disease and other concerns. At Greg S. Phillips & Associates General Dentistry & Specialty Practice, we provide periodontal treatments to help patients maintain healthy gums and smiles. Our dental professionals can use our powerful lasers to perform root planing and scaling, a deep cleaning procedure, for patients who have developed periodontal infection. We also offer AlloDerm® tissue grafts to correct receding gums without harvesting a patient's own tissue.

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Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety about undergoing dental treatment can prevent patients from receiving the care they deserve and lead to diminished oral health. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. Based on Dr. Phillips' recommendations, we can provide oral sedation for you to take several hours before your procedure, or we can administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Additionally, we also offer stronger intravenous (IV) sedation that is administered by a trained anesthesiologist directly before treatment.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you find yourself waking up abruptly during the night or experiencing chronic fatigue, you may suffer from sleep apnea. This disorder causes a patient's breathing to repeatedly stop and start during sleep. The most common form of sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), occurs when throat muscles relax and block the airway. Fortunately, Dr. Phillips can often provide effective treatment for OSA with a basic nighttime mouth guard, which helps to keep your jaw in proper alignment.

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

The temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, connect your jaw to your skull, and they help to facilitate eating and speaking. As a result, they can come under immense daily strain. When these joints become inflamed because of bruxism (teeth grinding), jaw misalignment, or other factors, it results in a condition known as TMJ disorder. Patients with TMJ disorder can suffer from headaches, diminished jaw function, and tingling in the toes and fingers. Fortunately, Dr. Phillips can diagnose and treat TMJ disorder to eliminate symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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