Advanced Treatment with Oral Surgery

At Dr. Greg S. Phillips & Associates, we have a talented dentist to provide our patients with specialized treatments that can address a range of advanced oral health needs. Dr. Greg Phillips can ensure all of your dental treatments are customized to meet your unique needs. From diagnosing your concerns to planning your procedure, oral surgery with the doctors at our LaPlace, LA-area practice can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

Extract Wisdom Teeth and Treat Gum Disease

At Dr. Greg S. Phillips & Associates, we offer advanced oral surgery procedures including wisdom tooth removal. Dr. Greg S. Phillips recommends wisdom tooth removal for younger patients to prevent complications in the future. Our dentist also uses state-of-the-art tools including dental lasers to treat periodontal disease in the most comfortable, efficient way.

Learn More about the Surgical Procedures We Offer

Dr. Phillips can perform a number of surgical procedures, including:

Bone Augmentation

In order to qualify for dental implants, patients must have sufficient jawbone density to support the surgically embedded metal posts. Patients who do not qualify for dental implants can often undergo a bone augmentation procedure to improve their candidacy. During bone augmentation, Dr. Phillips will transplant a small amount of bone tissue from your own body to your jaw. Over the next six to nine months, your bone graft will heal and integrate with your natural tissue, helping to increase bone volume in your jaw.

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation is a more specific bone augmentation procedure performed when the natural contour of the gums has been diminished because of trauma or tooth loss. During a ridge augmentation, we can use AlloDerm® soft tissue grafts to improve jaw contours and bone density.

Sinus Lift

If you are seeking to replace missing teeth in your upper arch, but you lack the necessary bone tissue for dental implants, a sinus lift can improve your candidacy. During a sinus lift, Dr. Phillips will reposition your sinus membrane and place a bone graft to create a strong foundation for dental implants.

Oral Cancer Biopsies

If we notice any growths or abnormalities around a patient's oral structures, we can perform an accurate diagnosis with an oral cancer biopsy. During this procedure, Dr. Phillips will remove a small segment of the affected tissue and send it to a lab for diagnostic testing.

Soft Tissue Procedures

Dr. Phillips can perform several soft tissue procedures, including frenectomies, soft tissue grafting, and gum contouring, to improve your appearance and oral health.


Losing teeth can leave holes in the jawbone and result in an uneven bone ridge once healed. In these cases, Dr. Phillips can perform an alveoplasty to smooth the jawbone and achieve a balanced bone height.


Dr. Phillips can perform surgical extractions to remove wisdom teeth or any other teeth that are interfering with your oral health or likely to become impacted.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Dr. Phillips and his staff work together to provide high-quality general and specialized oral care. When you visit our practice, we will develop personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs and goals. To learn more about the oral surgery treatments we offer, schedule a personal consultation today.

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Dr. Greg S. Phillips

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At Dr. Greg S. Phillips & Associates, our team of dental professionals offers patients comprehensive care so that they can enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime. Dr. Phillips works alongside Dr. Celeste Love, Dr. Rachell Kalinoski, Dr. Rachell Velasco, and Dr. Amber Spurlock. He is affiliated with prestigious international and national professional organizations including:

  • American Dental Association
  • Misch International Implant Institute
  • Louisiana Dental Association
  • New Orleans Dental Association
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists

To schedule an appointment at our dental office, contact us online or call (225) 869-4422.

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