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Dr. Greg S. Phillips offers in-office teeth whitening and take-home touch-up kits to help patients maintain bright, healthy-looking smiles. With teeth whitening, you can get rid of surface stains and brighten your smile by several shades. Dr. Phillips will customize your whitening treatment to deliver safe, great-looking results.

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I often get asked in my practice about teeth whitening and how long does it last. Well, teeth whitening does work. In many cases, depending upon the technique, it is a question of degree. Some teeth that are older or more stained require more bleaching. Bleaching does last. However, bleaching is normally done on natural teeth. So even if you bleach your teeth and you do continue to smoke, drink a lot of coffee, a lot of tea, the teeth can, do tend to get stained. We like the patients to think that bleaching is not a one-time thing, but something you can do throughout your life by doing touch-ups. If you keep up with your checkups, we provide you the bleach necessary to continue your bleaching throughout your life.

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At Dr. Greg S. Phillips & Associates, our team of dental professionals offers patients comprehensive care so that they can enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime. Dr. Phillips works alongside Dr. Celeste Love, Dr. Rachell Kalinoski, Dr. Rachell Velasco, and Dr. Amber Spurlock. He is affiliated with prestigious international and national professional organizations including:

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